One Day Workshop

Multi-Dimensional Decision Making

How to Avoid the Good Idea Trap

A Glance at Your Agenda

Foundations of Decision Making

  • Establishing a Mission and Setting Goals & Objectives

  • Understanding Resource Constraints and Role of Manager to Allocate Resources

  • Recognize and Avoid the “Good Idea Trap”

  • Understanding How Brand and Social Responsibility Shape Decision Making

Financial Dimensions

  • The Importance of Understanding Total Costs

  • The Balancing of Risk and Reward to ensure Proper Return

  • The Capacity v. Utilization Decision and How it Drives Value

  • Key Financial Concepts of Break-even, Time Value of Money, Working Capital Investment, Economic Demand Curves

  • Making Sure You Properly Access Cause and Effect

Decision Execution

  • Ensuring a Clarity and the Importance of Communication

  • Need for Leadership in Making Your Decisions Successful

  • Execution and Follow-up

Target Audience

  • Executive Leaders of Non-Profit and For Profit Organizations
  • Professional Advisors - Financial and Legal
  • Organization Management Teams